A fine trim: Unilin Master Oak adorns the House of Hairdressers

The Master Oak collection from Unilin is a cutting-edge surface solution that blends sustainability, durability, and breathtaking visual appeal. Indistinguishable from authentic real oak veneer, Master Oak is the perfect choice for timelessly elegant and demanding applications. The House of Hairdressers chose Master Oak for these qualities, resulting in a luxurious interior design that elevates the salon experience.

Utilizing the sustainable and resistant Master Oak 0H913 Natural, architect Tom Vanwynsberghe from Fugazzi created a sophisticated and luxurious salon in Belgium. The salon, House of Hairdressers, was a unique project with specialized problems: it must be stunning and sophisticated as well as sustainable, durable, and easy to clean. 

Unilin’s Master Oak breathed warmth and class into this high-end salon. With little discernable difference between Master Oak Natural and real oak, the architect was able to save money and ensure the strength and resilience of the surfaces. Resistant to wear, scratch, and impact, UNILIN’s Master Oak Natural performs better than real veneer can in such a workspace. 

"A flawless finish with edging in the same color completes this interior project—aesthetically and functionally."

Master Oak’s strength was a decisive factor in the choice for the architect and his customer. As real wood veneer is susceptible to the harsh environment of razor cutting hairs, the Master Oak panel as an alternative is extremely hard-wearing and resistant to the air-borne chemicals and hairs. Similarly, the House of Hairdressers prioritizes cleanliness in its salon. Elegant and sanitary, Master Oak can be cleaned with ease and without damage.  

The House of Hairdressers prides itself in its use of natural and sustainable hair care products. To comply with the customer’s ethos of environmental sustainability, Tom Vanwynsberghe found that Master Oak’s sustainable fabrication was the perfect fit. Unilin’s Master Oak products are made from 100% recovered wood substrates. 

“No other product comes so close to real wood. You don’t feel like you’re dealing with laminate.” 

Master Oak Natural fulfilled the required aesthetic and spatial demands for this timeless salon. Offering an imperceptibly realistic woodgrain finish, color-fast resistance, and sustainable fabrication and lifetime use, choose Master Oak for your next interior project. 

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