Woodworker creates stunning Accoya® wooden sinks

A passionate woodworker creates beautiful, timeless wooden sinks using Accoya® Wood. 

To come across a wooden sink is a rarity, providing a unique element to any project. It can bring a one-of-a-kind dynamic that is sure to stand out. Prompted by a renovation in his own household restroom, Janusz “Jimmy” Dzida, who runs his own woodworking shop called Wood Simplicity, decided to create custom wooden sinks made from Accoya® Wood. 

At first, Dzida was looking to purchase a small sink, taking his idea to a few home shows in search of one. He was limited to a selection of stainless steel, marble, porcelain and ceramic sink options which were more than he was willing to spend. He was also looking to add warmth and liveliness to the restroom and the available options were not working to achieve that look and feel. Dzida decide to create his own customized sink, using wood.

The high-performance of Accoya® Wood left Dzida in awe. Regardless of the design shape or the number of varnish coats, the wood continued to live up to its expectations. He chose Accoya® Wood for its moisture resistant properties, durability, and warranty. While creating wooden sinks may be Dzida’s first project using Accoya® Wood, it certainly won’t be his last. 

About Wood Simplicity

After coming to Canada 28 years ago with his wife and son, Dzida always dreamed of following his true passion – woodworking. Unfulfilled with his current job, he decided to turn his dream into reality and create beautiful wooden pieces of art. Today, Dzida runs his own woodworking shop called Wood Simplicity, a place where every piece of wood tells a story. From beautiful coffee tables to elegant live edge tables, to exquisite barn doors and cheese boards, Dzida transforms each wooden creation into conversation starters and centerpieces for family and friends to enjoy in their homes.

About Accoya® Wood

Accoya® is the world’s leading high-performance wood, used in some of the most extreme climates and applications. It is manufactured using Accsys Technologies’ proprietary acetylation process to create the nontoxic high-performance wood product. The modification process chemically alters the wood’s free hydroxyls into stable acetyl groups. Acetyl groups are naturally present in all wood species, which means that nothing toxic is added. The altered cell structure of the wood makes it an unrecognizable food source for insects and prevents fungal decay. It boasts a 50-year above ground and 25-year below ground warranty and swelling and shrinkage are reduced by 75 percent or more.

Delivering the Difference

We strive towards environmental sustainability, with forests being our most renewable resource. We remain committed to sourcing products from suppliers that meet high environmental standards and responsible forestry practices. By Delivering The Difference to our customers, we allow them to create transformative pieces of workmanship that challenge previously held notions of the built environment.

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