African Mahogany goes powerboating with Stancraft Boat Company

Stancraft Boat Company uses African Mahogany to build beautiful boats, crafted to perfection.   

Priding itself on craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection, Stancraft Boat Company chose African Mahogany for a beautifully constructed masterpiece that would be the subject of admiration on the waterways in Hayden, Idaho. 

Stancraft Boat Company

Founded in 1933, Stancraft was originally built on the shores of Caroline Point, Flathead Lake in Lakeside, Montana. Spanning three distinct generations and being in the American boat building business for over 85 years, the company has created some of the most iconic designs in boating history. From the 22’ Torpedo in 1945 to the 260 Norwester, the 19’ Veruna and day cruisers, they have drawn, sketched and rendered with the utmost precision each time. Stancraft has paved its way to success through both expertise and the use of superior materials when constructing their fleet of boats. 

Why African Mahogany?

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to work with, glue and finish, African Mahogany hardwood is a great choice for boatbuilding. Considering the environmental factors and considerable bending and movement necessary with materials used to construct boats, sourcing a durable material was essential for Stancraft. African Mahogany stands up meticulously well to exterior factors that can cause wear and tear. Highly resistant to shrinkage with a classic, refined look - it was the right choice for this application.

Together with Stancraft Boat Company, our team worked diligently to make the impossible happen, sourcing 16ft and longer materials. Our team simultaneously supplemented comparable lumber until the hardwood was sourced. Over three to four months, the 16ft long African Mahogany was specially harvested and produced in Africa – cut and kiln dried – and shipped to Stancraft.

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Boat building


Boat building

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