Accoya® water wheel adds charm to Hatley Park

Accoya®’s highly durable and sustainable wood gives life to a water wheel in this picturesque Japanese garden.

Accoya® modified wood is the highest performing, sustainably made lumber product on the market. This softwood lumber is uniquely water resistant, durable, stable, and versatile. Accoya® products are used in many installations—from bridges and window frames to picturesque water wheels. It fulfills the requirements of even the most demanding outdoor applications.

Accoya® is crafted using groundbreaking acetylation technology that modifies the wood uniformly through its cross section and not simply at its surface. Thus, the entire structure is altered to repel moisture, reduce swelling and shrinkage, as well as to become more naturally insulating. It is the most versatile and durable product of its kind.

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, Hatley Park’s Japanese Gardens features many traditional elements native to the Japanese architectural style. Within it are several stone-lined streams, cherry trees, azaleas, and a lake fed by natural springs. Narrow pathways hug the shore of the lake and take visitors under twisted branches, past this newly installed water wheel.

The Accoya® water wheel project by Vintage Woodworks contributes to the tranquil atmosphere of the garden. Vintage Woodworks specializes in handcrafted millwork made from solid wood and are renowned for their attention to detail and artful lumber designs.

The Accoya® water wheel highlights the rugged and weather-proof nature of Accoya®. This lumber product was chosen for its durability, sustainability, and uniquely moisture-resistant properties. It is simultaneously beautiful and highly versatile. Moreover, the water wheel’s rhythmic turning and churning of the water add a soothing auditory essence to the visitor’s experience at this traditional Japanese garden.

Preservation of the natural world is a crucial element of any water wheel. Accoya® performs at the highest standards in this regard. Sourced from fast-growing, responsibly managed forests, Accoya® can replace exotic, endangered tropical hardwoods, as it is ethically produced and just as durable in moisture-laden and harsh weather conditions.

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