Raw Walnut comes to life in office boardroom centerpiece

Raw Walnut log becomes the uniquely ‘Instagrammable’ centerpiece of Pacific Solutions boardroom.

Highlighting the natural beauty of wood in design, construction and millwork, the team at Pacific Solutions Contracting were thrilled when a spectacular raw, walnut log became available. With an office and full millwork shop, Pacific Solutions Contracting partners with independent businesses and local restaurants to create ‘Instagrammable’ and unique social spaces. 

Our product team was aware that the walnut log would catch both the eyes and imaginations of the creative minds at Pacific Solutions. The process for creating the now boardroom table involved allowing the natural beauty of the log to come to life. With very few knots, the exceptional elegance and charm of the walnut was able to shine. Black epoxy was used to fill in the few cracks, adding depth. The Maple bow ties were used to secure the larger cracks, chosen to provide a stark contrast to the Walnut and illuminate further the depth of color in the natural wood. 

The final elements of the design were chosen to both enhance and accentuate the walnut tabletop. White legs were selected the ensure the focus would remain on the wood, highlighting the grain and allowing the natural shape of the live edge to be easily absorbed. The overall impression leaves you feeling like the wood is floating in the room, inviting you to take a seat. 

Photo Credit: Upper Left Photography 

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