Tru Homes and Armorite™: paired for unmatched durability and design

Tru Form's tiny homes utilizes the durability, versatility, and unmatched potential of Roseburg Armorite™ MDF.

Tru Form has been in the residential home building business for 50 years. As tiny homes have gained in popularity over the last decade, Tru Form Tiny has proven itself as industry leaders by truly redefining what a home could be. They are dedicated to making tiny homes as functional, beautiful, and efficient as possible. Unique in their safety and sustainability standards, Tru Form Tiny holds themselves to the highest certifications and specifications possible to ensure the best performance for their tiny home customers.

Modern, sleek, and versatile designs are at the forefront of Tru Form’s tiny home construction. They meet the desires of each customer by offering a great range of styles and finishes—from modern European and rustic to even office and studio spaces within the tiny living space.

Armorite™ Exterior MDF is perfect for high-humidity climates and above-ground exterior applications. This MDF (multi-density fibreboard) is bonded with a formaldehyde-free resin and treated to resist moisture, decay, and insects. Intensely durable and exceptionally lightweight, this MDF is the most versatile product available for both commercial and residential applications—and the ever-growing tiny home market. Not surprisingly, Armorite™ Exterior MDF has been uniquely utilized by Tru Form Tiny for its high functionality and modern finish.

Armorite’s ruggedness and easy machinability provide style and substance to the tiny home design. It’s unparalleled lightness and moisture-resistant properties create the perfect exterior cladding for these tiny homes with protection from all elements. As opposed to the common fiber cement, which requires metal channeling and is nearly impossible to install on small buildings, Armorite achieves all requirements for exterior cladding at a fraction of the weight and with a far less demanding install.

Building Exterior

Armorite™ Exterior MDF

Building Exterior

Building tiny homes comes with unique challenges in terms of weight and size. Tru Form Tiny’s function necessitates lightweight, easy-to-trailer homes, and each of their building products must fulfil these standards. Armorite™ Exterior is the lightweight MDF that meets these stringent requirements.

Tru Form Tiny employs Armorite™ as exterior cladding by milling tongue and groove edging around the panels. The panel is then painted on all sides and attached to the tiny homes. Armorite™ Exterior MDF is present on several Tru Form Tiny Homes purchased and shipped throughout the United States.

Tru Form Tiny prioritizes sustainability, making Armorite’s local, recycled MDF made of Western softwoods an exemplary choice for these small residential structures.

Delivering the Difference

We strive towards environmental sustainability, with forests being our most renewable resource. We remain committed to sourcing products from suppliers that meet high environmental standards and responsible forestry practices. Made from recycled content, Armorite™ MDF meets sustainability needs in green and conventional building designs. By Delivering The Difference to our customers, we allow them to create transformative pieces of workmanship that challenge previously held notions of the built environment.

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