Industry Compliance Update: New Tree Species added to CITES Appendix II

Nov 10, 2023

As of November 2022, several tree species were added to CITES Appendix II, resulting in trade restrictions on these species with immediate and delayed implementation. 

For every import and export of these CITES Appendix II species, special permits are needed to show its legality, which will delay or decrease their availability. The Convention on international Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is an international agreement between governments which aims to safeguard certain species from over- exploitation on the global market.

The Appendices of CITES allow for international trade along the conditions of legality, sustainability, and traceability. Appendix II: A classification of species not threatened with extinction, but may become so unless trade is regulated. International commercial trade is allowed but controlled to prevent exploitation and extinction. 

Current Trade Restrictions:

Khaya/African Mahogany

Restriction began early 2023, with prices increasing and volume decreasing as a result.

Trade Restrictions coming 2024:

Ipe and Cumaru

With delayed implementation, which is to take effect November 2024, Ipe’s addition to the Appendix II will affect the market during the summer of 2024. Price increases and a tightened supply are expected.

We support the governance of legal and sustainable forestry and trade, as well as protecting human rights throughout the supply chain. We will continue to Deliver the Difference with ethical and sustainable alternatives like Accoya® Wood and Americana™ by Bingaman.

Click here to download the compliance update.

Contact us for more information on this compliance update or for a quote on sustainable product alternatives!

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