Emerging trends from Interzum 2023

May 18, 2023

Interzum is a leading international trade fair for the global furniture supplier sector and interior design industry. Over the course of four days, key industry players discussed the longevity of our living and working environments, showcasing innovative technologies, the latest trends, and materials and surfaces of the future.  

A group of our teammates headed to Cologne, Germany to attend the first in-person Interzum in over four years, joining approximately 62,000 other attendees visiting from nearly 150 countries. Here are some of the emerging trends they saw from the 2023 trade fair.  

Ribbed materials 

Vertical ribbed materials were everywhere at Interzum, from slatted wood veneer acoustic panels to decorative MDF. Bringing dynamism and movement to any space, ribbed and profiled surfaces made from natural wood transform classic tambour design into impressive modern furniture and interior design.  

Timeless neutrals  

Neutral shades, such as an off white, a pale blue or a soft grey can create unique atmospheres that convey warmth and balance. While the word ‘neutral’ may not pack a punch in your mind, neutrals do play a crucial role in almost any color scheme, and spaces can achieve a level of style and sophistication without the use of bold colors. A refined palette of neutrals is not only timeless but allows for other design qualities to shine like texture or shape.  

Texture is here to stay 

The addition of textured materials adds dimension and visual appeal to any space. Over the past several years, the marriage between texture and decorative panels has grown substantially due to increased demand and innovative production, which was evident at Interzum. More than ever, materials’ design is more than the visual, it is about feel as well. Our brains make sense of our material surroundings through harmony of sight and touch, the complexity of aesthetic, application, and human-centered design (how we interact with materials). Inviting texture into a space provides the opportunity for a more harmonious atmosphere that directly relates to how we interact with the materials around us.

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