The Garnica collection: European poplar core hardwood plywood

Jan 17, 2022

Garnica challenges the ordinary by exploring the limits of perfection to engineer the finest plywood for the most demanding projects and clients. These lightweight panels are notable for an array of exceptional properties including consistent quality, stability, and machinability.

The extensive product range from the Garnica collection enables diverse use across multiple markets. Using locally sourced wood from sustainable forests and plantations, the raw material wood plays an essential role in a circular economy. It's renewable, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. The quality control is unmatched - ensuring these products meet the highest standards and obtain all relevant certifications.

 An improved fire rated European Poplar core plywood, Fireshield panels are rigorously tested, certified and modified using an innovative treatment that renders the entire panel exceptionally fire resistant. This allows for the highest level of certified resistance (ASTM E84 Class A) – even after sanding or machining.

Efficiency Poplar
A highly versatile, lightweight panel composed entirely of European plantation Poplar, Efficiency presents as an attractive white ivory colour, making it ideal for painting or coating. There are limitless applications due to its excellent mechanical properties and wide variety of formats available.

The Ultralight sandwich panel offers an insulating XPS (extruded polystyrene) core combined with plywood that is made of 100% European Poplar. Its light-coloured faces and premium-quality internal sheets make it ideal for painting or laminating/film coating. This panel is specifically designed for applications seeking to lighten weight load.

Browse the Garnica Collection here.

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