Armorite: A moisture resistant panel with superior machinability

Feb 14, 2022

A medium density fiberboard panel product, Armorite Exterior MDF is ideal for outdoor applications and is manufactured with a formaldehyde-free resin and proprietary biocidal treatment process for rot and insect resistance.

Made with Western softwoods, Armorite provides superior strength with less weight and ensures easy nailing, machining and finishing. Appropriate for cabinetry, trim, finishing carpentry and other traditional MDF applications, Armorite is also a practical option for certain above-ground exterior applications provided proper fastening and coating/finishing procedures are followed.

Why Choose Armorite?

  • Exterior-grade MDF
  • Moisture, insect and rot resistant
  • Excellent for high-humidity climates
  • Superior strength with less weight while ensuring easy nailing, machining and finishing
  • No added formaldehyde; TSCA VI compliant, FSC certified available
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A. Grade, exceeds requirements of ASTM D 2 six cycle accelerated aging test, ISO 2 Durability of wood use class UC A

Learn more about Armorite Exterior MDF here.

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