Sierra Chicago Introduces the NEW Gizir Collection

Sep 1, 2019

The design possibilities are endless with the NEW line of Gizir panels. A combination of ultra high gloss and super matte offerings, these comprehensive collections cater to various tastes and trends - helping you to meet your customers’ expectations.

High Gloss Panels by Gizir 

Ultra High Gloss (UHG) is made by laminating a very durable decorative foil on a refined calibrated and one-sided TFL coated MDF. The printed film is ideally suited for lamination of MDF.

The MDF core material contributes positively to the properties of the high gloss surface and is a cost-effective solution for your premium ideas. Without the need to take protective measures, UHG boards are ready for use and easy to process: simply cut, edge and use.

Why UHG?

  • PVC-coated
  • High-gloss finishing, gloss level 85–90 (ISO2813, 60°)
  • Back face is a matching matte color
  • Wide selection of shades and patterns

Super Matte Panels by Gizir

Super Matte is the latest product release from Gizir. It is processed using a state of the art PUR line in a clean room environment. It is laid up on a refined and calibrated MDF core to ensure a smooth surface.

The “soft touch’’ is silky smooth. It gives the material a warm and velvety feeling. The muted colors convey an unobtrusive sense of space.

Super Matte by Gizir offers a very durable panel at one of the best price points in the Matte finish arena.

Why Super Matte?

  • Excellent resistance to water and moisture
  • Easy to clean
  • Increased UV resistance
  • Environmentally friendly features

For a sampling of this exciting line, contact your local Sierra Sales Consultant.

To learn more about super matte panels by Gizir, browse the Super Matte collection.

To learn more about high gloss panels by Gizir, browse the Ultra High Gloss collection.

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