Timber Products

Timber Products Company manufactures a wide range of wood products, setting the standard for product quality, craftsmanship and environmental stewardship since 1918.


Passage Doors, Indoor Furniture, Interior Millwork, Kitchen, Storage & Closet

Stocking location

Available in Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Coeur d'Alene, Orange County, Salt Lake City, St. George, Idaho Falls, Boise and Denver in the United States.

What is Timber Products?

As one of the largest manufactures of hardwood plywood in America, Timber Products controls every step of the production process to ensure their products meet the highest of industry needs. 

With a commitment to sustainability, Timber Products leads the industry in innovation and product solutions. From tree to finish, Timber Products is delivering thoughtfully crafted products that meet your needs every step of the way.

Why Timber Products?

  • A comprehensive selection of North American and imported species available with wood veneers handpicked by seasoned professionals
  • Fire-retardant, water-resistant, no-added-urea formaldehyde and poplar and lauan blank cores
  • Offers five unique substrates that provide optimum quality and performance for every application
  • LEED® compliant and FSC® certified
  • TSCA VI certified

Ampine® by Timber Products

Crafted from Western softwood, Ampine® particleboard by Timber Products is known for its exceptional quality and ease of workmanship. Manufactured in Martell, California, Ampine® is recognized for its highly machinable core and smooth, uniform surface. It is available in a variety of decorative laminates and finishes. 

Why Ampine®?

  • Available in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and lengths
  • Resists warping, sagging and chip-out
  • Excellent machinability and screw-holding power
  • Contains 100% post-industrial recycled/recovered fiber
  • FSC® certified

Encore™ FR by Timber Products 

Encore™ FR by Timber Products is flame retardant with no added urea formaldehyde, making it the right choice for critical applications where Class 1 flame retardant material is required. The flame-retardant additive is mixed with the fiber throughout the panel during the manufacturing process, which delivers superior performance. 

Why Encore™ FR?

  • Can be machined, cut, sanded, and grooved without compromising the flame retardance
  • Low flame spread and smoke development as well as extremely low VOC emissions
  • Resists warping, sagging, and chip-out
  • Provides excellent machinability and screw-holding power
  • FSC® certified

Encore™ MR by Timber Products 

Encore™ MR Sustainable Design Particleboard is moisture resistant demonstrating enhanced dimensional stability in high humidity environments. Manufactured with a formaldehyde free adhesive system, it is resistant to warping and has excellent screw-holding power. Encore™ MR is ideal for a broad range of applications with the option of higher density for applications such as mezzanine decking. 

Why Encore™ MR?

  • Manufactured with a formaldehyde free adhesive system
  • Available with higher density for applications such as mezzanine decking
  • Resistant to warping, sagging and chip-out
  • Provides excellent machinability and screw-holding power
  • FSC® certified

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