ProPly is a manufacturer of hardwood, softwood and custom plywood veneers. They specialize in high quality products used in high-end cabinetry, fine furniture, architectural millwork and store fixtures.


Indoor Furniture, Interior Millwork, Kitchen, Stairs

ProPly Custom Plywood Inc. specializes in hardwood, softwood and custom plywood.

ProPly works with a variety of veneer species including birch, mahogany, beech, ash, cherry, chestnut, hickory, maple rosewood, teak and zebrawood. ProPly can book match, slip match, reverse diamond, sunburst or random match, and herringbone veneers to take advantage of the utmost quality of the wood grain. 

Stocking Location

Available in Rochester, USA.

Why ProPly?

  • Veneers manufactured at the highest quality
  • Offer a wide assortment of veneer species
  • Custom plywood veneers available
  • FSC® certified

To learn more about ProPly products, contact our Sales Representatives here.