As a world leader in the plywood industry, Garnica challenges the ordinary by exploring the limits of perfection to engineer the finest plywood panels.

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What is Garnica?

Garnica's lightweight panels are notable for an array of exceptional properties including consistent quality, stability, and machinability.

Why Garnica?

  • Products meet or surpass the level of performance customers demand
  • Comply with the regulations of each market
  • Outstanding stability, dimensional uniformity and high aesthetic and visual appearance
  • Lightness, easy to machine and perfect finish
  • Product range comprises seven families of plywood products, which are not just plywood, all are developed to meet specific market needs, such as resistance, performance, durability and, of course, beauty
  • Garnica is committed to promoting plantations and to progressively abandon the use of tropical timber. All products are sourced from sustainable woods plantations


  • Innovation that challenges flames
  • FR Class A Rated Poplar Plywood (ASTM E84 certification for public building projects)


  • Resistance that challenges nature
  • Ultra-durable, fungal and insect resistant plywood for exterior construction, marine applications, furniture and decoration


  • Lightness that challenges the impossible
  • Ultralight, 30 Lb panel (on a 3/4” 4x8’ basis), high insultation sandwich panels for RVs, furniture, doors, roofs, and decorative interior paneling

Efficiency Poplar

  • Versatility that challenges creativeness
  • Highly versatile, lightweight, Poplar plywood suitable for countless applications

Efficiency HDF

  • Versatility that challenges creativeness
  • Ultra smooth Poplar core veneers covered with thin layers of HDF for exceptional surface quality, machining, and laminating results


  • Beauty that challenges the ordinary
  • Decorative, premium plywood with natural timber surfaces and Poplar core for decoration and furniture

Performance Ultra-Smooth

  • Ready-to-paint panels to be finished with a final coat, reducing time and cost
  • Pre-primed premium plywood with an exceptionally smooth surface (400 sanding grain)
  • Very easy to sand, non-telegraphed surface with excellent color retention
  • Exceptionally scratch and impact resistant
  • Resistant to moist environments: prevents delamination and swelling

Reinforced Globulus Poplar

  • Available in a white Poplar wood face and back
  • Improved resistance thanks to the combination of Eucalyptus and Poplar
  • Multi-layer edges – ideal for decorative applications where the edges remain visible
  • Exceptional qualities: stable, uniform and easy to machine
  • Sustainable – certified European fast-growing plantations

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