UCS was the proud host of the successful 57th Annual IWPA Convention!

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - This year’s IWPA Convention took place April 17-19 in one of the most beautiful cities in North America... Vancouver BC. The IWPA welcomed over 230 attendees from 20 countries for 3 packed days of great speakers and networking.

Warren, as the President of IWPA hosted this conference which addressed topics relevant to the international trade of wood products. The UCS Forest Group and their people were highly visible throughout the convention venue. From our product booth proudly displaying our products along with 2 coveted IWPA awards; the 2011 Innovative Excellence Award for Accoya and the 2012 Environmental Excellence Award for Red Grandis, plus a dynamic media presentation that ran throughout the convention to present the many strong points of UCS.

This convention was also Warren’s “retirement party” as he stepped down from being the President of the IWPA. One of his last duties was to introduce the new face of the IWPA Executive including new Executive Vice President, Cindy Squires, newly elected IWPA President, Cindy Newman, new Vice President, Chris Connelly and new Treasurer, Craig Forester.

This event was packed with exciting presentations on architecture, design, economic trends and on new regulations affecting our business. Participants enjoyed an in-depth briefing on the current economic situation by HSBC Chief Economist David Watt. In addition, Lacey Act and EUTR updates were provided along with a briefing on the services offered by IWPA to assist with import and logistic challenges.

The events keynote speaker, the Honorable David Emerson the former President and CEO of Canfor, Minister of International Trade and Minister of Foreign Affairs, provided a global perspective on North American trade. Presentations by Stephen Chung, architect and host of Cool Spaces on PBS discussed the use of exotic wood and the distinguished architectural panel of, Gerry McGeough, Jana Foit, and Brent Sauder presented award-winning case studies of wood building innovations.

UCS was the proud host of the successful 57th Annual IWPA Convention!



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