UCS Forest Group Acquires Reimer Hardwoods Alberta Operations

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO - May 5, 2014 – The UCS Forest Group of Companies, and its operating division Upper Canada Forest Products Ltd., today announces that they have reached an agreement to acquire the assets and ongoing business activities of the Alberta business unit of Reimer Hardwoods Inc.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to service the customers and suppliers that have been dealing with Reimer Hardwoods in Alberta and Southeastern British Columbia. We are grateful to Colin Reimer for choosing us as their successor in this market due to our shared values and commitment to customer service. This transaction is also consistent with our strategy of growth and expansion in key markets, and we are very excited about this opportunity” says Warren Spitz, President and CEO of UCS.

Upper Canada Forest Products has “Delivered the Difference” to the Alberta market for the last 15 years and operates a 65,000 sf state of the art warehouse in Calgary with a fleet of 4 trucks and trailers, and will be relocating Reimer’s operations into the Upper Canada facility.

Upper Canada is very excited to welcome Reimer’s Alberta team to the UCS Family!

UCS Forest Group Acquires Reimer Hardwoods Alberta Operations



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