Panolam Surface Systems: Integrated Surface Products For Any Project and Design

The design possibilities are endless with Panolam Surface Systems’ selection of integrated surface products. Offering an extensive portfolio of diverse brands that cater to the breadth of your imagination, these comprehensive collections help you to meet your customers’ expectations.

Panolam’s High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is manufactured under extreme pressure to deliver a decorative surface that is strong and durable, yet flexible and easy to fabricate. HPL is among the most versatile surfaces, making it a great choice for a range of interior horizontal and vertical applications where an attractive, yet resilient, surface solution is required. Since the decorative layer is a printed sheet, precise design scheme can be delivered fulfilling your creative vision.

Fiber Reinforced Laminate (FRL®) uses patented fiberglass technology to fortify wall panels against impact damage and excessive wear-and-tear. Given long-lasting durability, along with its unrivaled ease of application and job-site workability, FRL® is the ideal wall panel for high-traffic environments that need to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

In addition to being impact resistant, UL/ULC fire rated for flame and smoke development, chemical resistant and easy-to-clean, Panolam’s FRL® line offers a wide range of colors and finishes to accommodate even the most ambitious design scheme, including the ability to customize the panels with your design inspirations.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is a strong composite material that repels dirt and stains making it an ideal surface for high-use commercial settings and service areas that depend on sanitary conditions. Comprised of an impact-resistant material commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction industries, Panolam’s FRP surfaces protect against rot, stain, mold and mildew, and will not dent or splinter even under the most strenuous conditions. If you need a wall or ceiling panel that is easy to clean and can withstand heavy use, this is the panel system for you.

ThickLamTM thick phenolic is designed for applications where the decorative surface must contribute to the structural stability of the finished assembly. It is available with decorative paper on one or both sides, with either brown or black phenolic core and can be manufactured using any HPL solid color or pattern. Laminate edges can be polished for a finished appearance. Optimal flatness is obtained by specifying the same color on both sides of thick phenolic core laminates.

ChemGuard High Pressure Laminates (HPL) provide the decorative features of Panolam’s stylish high-pressure laminates with a chemical resistant coating that protects against acids and other caustic compounds. Stringent lab tests have proven ChemGuard laminate to have superior chemical resistance and significantly higher NEMA wear value than competitive laminates, even after being scratched. With a vast array of color and pattern options, you can inject some life and personality into the most sterile laboratory environment.

DuetTM Wall Panels
DuetTM Wall Panels provide wall protection for commercial interior settings that not only require strong design elements, but also demand high sanitary standards — including moisture, mold and mildew resistance. This hard-working, easy-to-clean surface solution can help satisfy most any design vision by using digital printing, high quality inks and scratch-resistant coating. As a result, these panels offer high impact strength, will never rot, corrode, rust or delaminate and come with a proprietary coating that protects against fading from ultraviolet sources. Division Bar molding perfectly matched to the pattern on the panels with enhanced scratch-resistant coating is standard.

Panolam offers a complete offering of panels to meet your every need.

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