Sierra Introduces the New Garnica Collection - Lightweight Panels

Garnica challenges the ordinary by exploring the limits of perfection to engineer the finest plywood for the most demanding clients. Their lightweight panels are notable for an array of exceptional properties including consistent quality, stability, and machinability.

Why Garnica?
• Outstanding stability, dimensional uniformity and high aesthetic and visual appearance
• Lightness, easy to machine and perfect finish
• Complies with the regulations of each market
• Committed to promoting plantations and to progressively abandoning the use of tropical lumber – all products are sources from sustainable woods plantations

• Innovation that challenges flames
• FR Class A Rated Poplar Plywood (ASTM E84 certification for public building projects)

• Resistance that challenges nature
• Ultra-durable, fungal and insect resistant plywood for exterior construction, marine applications, furniture and decoration

• Lightness that challenges the impossible
• Ultralight, 30 lb panel (on a 3/4” 4'x8’ basis), high insultation sandwich panels for RVs, furniture, doors, roofs, and decorative interior paneling

Efficiency Poplar
• Versatility that challenges creativeness
• Highly versatile, lightweight, Poplar plywood suitable for countless applications

Efficiency HDF
• Versatility that challenges creativeness
• Ultra smooth Poplar core veneers covered with thin layers of HDF for exceptional surface quality, machining, and laminating results

• Beauty that challenges the ordinary
• Decorative, premium plywood with natural timber surfaces and Poplar core for decoration and furniture

Availability by location may vary. Please contact your local Sierra Sales Consultant for more information or for a sample of this exciting product line.

To learn more about Garnica, browse the Garnica Collection.




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