Industry News - A Seattle Mid-century Home is Restored to Original Brilliance With a Modern Twist

When a young family reached out to Seattle-based design studio SHED Architecture & Design and interior designer Jennie Gruss for a redesign of their 1957 midcentury home in the city, the designers responded with a restoration that also integrated new, modern details. Named the Hillside Midcentury, the home saw an interior remodel that leaned heavily on a mix of natural timber and brick to create a homey atmosphere. Contemporary furnishings, clean lines and an abundance of glazing help give the home a fresh and youthful spirit.

Originally designed by Pacific Northwest architect Arnold Gangnes, the existing home had a fairly open layout with an airy feel that embraced the outdoors and featured two floors with mirrored floor plans, a common architectural design in the 1950s. “[We] did not make any major structural changes but instead updated the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms to better align with the family’s living patterns,” the team said. Outside, the firm also added a large deck, updated patio and green roof.

Timber wraps the interior with the original hardwood preserved in the living room and dining room. To break up the wood motif in the kitchen, the architects inserted maroon laminate cabinets from Beech Tree Woodworks for a splash of color. The exposed ceiling beams and datum are painted black to give a strong sense of structure to the house.

In addition to the updated materials and furnishings, some of the most notable changes can be seen in the updated floor layouts. On the basement level, the spacious living room was split up into a guest bedroom, mudroom and media room. Upstairs, one of the original bedroom's was converted into a large master bath, while the existing bathrooms were modified into a walk-in closet. Perhaps most impressively, the architects turned an old tool shed into an indoor swimming pool topped with a green roof.


Article provided by Inhabitat, A Seattle Midcentury Home is Restored to its Original Brilliance with a Modern Twist, September 3, 2018

Industry News - A Seattle Mid-century Home is Restored to Original Brilliance With a Modern Twist



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