ARAUCO Grayling Plant is Now Open and Shipping Material

Sierra Forest Products has a strong historical relationship with Flakeboard, who was purchased by Arauco (Santiago, Chile) in 2012.

Since 2012, Arauco has significantly invested in the North American operations, to support their vision to be a global leader in the development of sustainable forest products. Today they are the second largest wood panel producer in the world. Grayling, Michigan was chosen for its proximity to sustainable forest products for inputs, as well as the proximity to the customer base, delivering reliable and consistent supply. It is less than 350 miles from our Chicago warehouse, allowing for consistent and reliable supply. Over 640 acres of land purchased outside Grayling Michigan will be 25% production facility and leave 75% of the land to forest.

The Grayling vision is to be one of the world’s largest and most influential particleboard operations. The plant will be the most modern particleboard plant in North America, and the largest of its kind globally. It features the largest single continuous particleboard press (170 feet), which makes it the most productive in the world.

“This is the most impressive particleboard plant I’ve ever seen,” says Joe Ventimiglia, Division Manager of Sierra Chicago. “They really have thought of everything when it comes to logistics, it is incredible. They are able to go from log to a banded unit of TFL without a single person touching the material. All conveyer belts are 100% enclosed and everything has been built to be at eye level. It truly is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.”

The particleboard will be manufactured using a sustainable approach, utilizing more of each locally sourced tree, as well as wood by-products from local manufacturers. The result will be a sustainable supply of particleboard and TFL for decades to come, offering product consistency and superior service.

The consistency of core enables production efficiencies achieved through ease of cutting, minimal strain on machinery, consistency of core and surface. The new core will be less dense, without sacrificing integrity, and yet delivering less weight for efficiency in the supply chain.

Arauco leads in colors and textures, as well as product innovation. The current selection of modern and traditional TFL colors and textures, delivers the breadth that today’s customers demand. The designs are perfectly matched in HPL, edgebanding and papers, ensuring the full project needs are covered.

Arauco is driven by innovation, which lead to the latest news in their Prism TFL line, InCopper. The Prism TFL is the only laminate in North America with the safe and proven-effective antimicrobial performance of a copper-based agent. InCopper actively protects the surface of the thermally fused laminate panel from stain and odor-causing bacteria, fungi, parasites, mold and viruses. This provides a safe and affordable antimicrobial technology which is environmentally friendly and long lasting.

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