A&M Hits Another Home Run Open House!

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO - A&M packed the house with 220 to 240 visitors over two days! Over 200 enjoyed the BBQ beef on a bun and about 170 entered the draw to win A&M Gift Certificates, Lie-Nielsen Block Plane, wood scraper, and a Lie-Nielsen DVD.

Sales were brisk and produced 2 very good retail sale days as many customer made impulse purchases of wood, veneers and tools. We re-connected with a few good long-time customers that we had never met before and got re-acquainted with some folks that hadn’t been here in a long time.

In addition to putting a shine on the old building we had 5 supplier demonstrations. The day generated some orders for the suppliers and all suppliers were thrilled with the inquiries and the opportunity to share with others in the wood working community.

Canadian Luthier Supply makes guitars and the specialized jigs and fixtures used to form the bodies. These finely crafted guitars for sell for $7,000 to $10,000.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Inc. produces “heirloom” quality hand tools. And collaborates with woodworking guilds, businesses, and schools across North America to promote woodworking education – specifically geared towards hands-on skill building. Their demonstrations at A&M held visitors transfixed as they showed how to use and sharpen these fine tools to surgical precision.

Sauer & Steiner Toolworks. And while Lie Nielsen produces fine tools the Sauer Custom Planes are a step above and beyond. Hi grade steels, bronze and navy grade brass combine with exotic wood handles and infil create planes sell for $1,000 to $5,500. Taking one in hand I was making uniform shaving 1/1000 of an inch thick. These planes end up in the hands of discriminating woodworkers or collectors of exquisite tools.

A local craftsman Steve Der Garabedian demonstrated Vacuum Bag veneering techniques and Dunk’s Custom Log Sawing was showing our visitors custom sawing of Black Walnut, African Ebony and Bubinga logs.

A&M is planning another customer event in April to celebrate the start of our 40th year in business... look for more on this in the spring.

A&M Hits Another Home Run Open House!



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