ALBERTA PROUD: Upper Canada Alberta Celebrates the Continuing Recovery in Fort McMurray

Over 16 years ago, in April 2001 Jeff Floyd and Al Spencer launched the expansion of Upper Canada Forest Products into the Alberta market with the opening of the Calgary division. Together they embarked on a journey that would allow them to leave their footprint in this territory, which today has grown to include 2 distribution locations, one in Calgary and the other in Edmonton.

While the Alberta Team has become a major woodworking supply partner, they have also made it a priority to give back to their community and to those in need. From the catastrophic floods in 2013 to the massive wild fires that destroyed a good portion of Fort McMurray and surrounding areas in 2016, the Alberta Team has led fundraising appeals. The "Come Hell or High Water" t-shirt campaign, and the "Fort Mac Strong" hats both focused fundraising efforts on the Alberta victims of these disasters, by supporting the Red Cross efforts.

The Red Cross was able to offer help wherever it was needed in the early days following the evacuations and continues to assist with unmet needs, funding community projects and providing financial assistance to eligible local small businesses in the area.

Working in the community and giving back goes hand in hand with this team, as many of the Alberta staff participate in other events such as Habitat for Humanity, local food bank drives and preparing meals in various homeless shelters. They are a proud bunch and are always up for a challenge - they call it ALBERTA PROUD and are committed to keeping Alberta STRONG!

To learn more about the recovery in Fort McMurray visit or check out the Alberta Fires One Year Report

ALBERTA PROUD: Upper Canada Alberta Celebrates the Continuing Recovery in Fort McMurray



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