StyleLite Feature Project: Stratus Tower in Seattle

Located across the street from Amazon’s new South Campus in the heart of downtown Seattle’s Denny Triangle, this stunning 440-foot tower’s expected completion date of 2017 couldn’t be more anticipated. It will feature 396 residential units, 439,600 square-feet of total residential space and 7,760 square-feet of retail space.

Thoughtful consideration to neighborhood context and the greater urban fabric informed the design of this sculpted tower with its composition of sleek modern geometry, skinned with a taut, modern curtain wall. Each elevation is a unique response to adjacent structures, with materials that are crisp, airy and light.

StyleLite was chosen as the material to be used in all kitchen cabinets in the Stratus Tower—specifically Arctic 2S and 1S from its High Gloss Panel collection —which adheres to the “light” and “airy” feel of the building.

The brilliant colors in this collection are not only elegant, but will stand the test of time. They are UV and color change protected, and have a repairable surface that won’t chip, crack, peel, flake or delaminate.

Images courtesy Studio 216/GID Development/Weber Thompson

StyleLite Feature Project: Stratus Tower in Seattle



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