Delivering the Difference

What you need. When you need it. By people that know and care.

UCS Tree

What you need

Sierra “delivers the difference” with quality products that stand up to your exact specifications. We help you stay on trend by continually upgrading and adding new products. We remain committed to sourcing products from suppliers that meet the highest environmental standards and responsible forestry practices.

When you need it

Our team’s dedication to service is backed by our state-of-the-art warehouses and logistics systems. So as a Sierra customer, you can expect the best product delivered to you on time, every time.

By people that know and care

Beyond the quality of our products or the efficiency our logistics system, what truly makes us different are our people. In a word, they are extraordinary – knowledgeable, responsive and committed to understanding your business and helping you succeed.

UCS Forest Group is North America’s leading distributor and importer of specialty wood products and decorative surfaces for the architectural woodworking, commercial and residential furniture, and cabinet-making industries.
We offer a comprehensive selection of hardwood lumber and softwood lumber, as well as a full line of decorative panels. The quality of our products and service experience is unparalleled.
From Seattle to Chicago and Denver to Los Angeles, we are Delivering the Difference to the United States as Sierra Forest Products.

Our Roots

Our story is rooted in one man’s belief that it was time for a different kind of lumber company –one that delivered the service, professionalism and transparency that customers deserve.

In 1986, Warren Spitz started UCS Forest Group with a goal of delivering this difference. Through a balanced operating approach, careful planning and an unwavering focus on building strong relationships with customers and suppliers, UCS has grown steadily over the last 30 years. Today, it is North America’s premier distributor and importer of high quality hardwood and softwood lumber, composite panels, plywood, specialty wood and decorative surfaces.

Menonite Truck

Environmental Responsibility

When it comes to our commitment to the environment, actions truly speak louder than words. We source woodworking materials that are FSC® certified, ECC, TSCA VI and LEED compliant, and our products have won several environmental awards. Our buildings use smart innovations, such as proximity lighting and electric forklifts, to further reduce our energy use and our lunchrooms are plastic bottle free and plastic straw free.


Our Community

Within our communities, we understand that the needs are wide ranging. Every employee is given one full day, paid, to contribute as a volunteer to the Charity of their choice. Over the years these volunteers days have combined to create incredible and lasting impact in the communities in which we live and work. Financial donations are also important to the lifeblood of charitable work. We proudly support numerous charities locally, nationally and internationally, who do work that we believe in.

CHO Volleyball

The Food Bank of South Jersey

Utah Police Association

Habitat for Humanity

Chicago Lights Tutoring Program

MS Project Package

Homes of Living Hope


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